Nutrisystem Hamburger: A Delight Sans The Extra Calories

Hamburgers, especially the ones loaded with cheese, are a big “no” if you are following a weight-loss plan. Burgers have been some of the most loved foods all over the world for over a hundred years. The mere thought of a meat patty shoved inside the rolls alongside cheese, tomato, onion, pickles, and condiments makes me hungry. Who wouldn’t love to savor a hamburger with a diet coke and some potato fries? However, a fully-loaded hamburger contains about 460 calories, so it easily disrupts your diet plan. In fact, you have to run for nearly an hour to burn all these calories, and imagine all the trans fat you’ll get from the cheese.

Nutrisystem hamburger

There’s one solution for those who can’t stay away from burgers but do not want the additional calories – the Nutrisystem’s Hamburger. Thanks to its low-cal ingredients, it contains just 240 calories out of which only 70 percent is from fat.

Tell My About the Nutritional information

This hamburger, which arrives in frozen condition, has 8 grams of fat of which 3 grams is saturated. Thankfully, there is no trans fat that is harmful to your body, but the burger contains 30mg of cholesterol. It contains 28 grams of carbs that meet 9 percent of your body’s daily carbohydrate requirements. The burger also has 5 grams of dietary fiber, 20% of what you need every day. Most importantly, it contains 14 grams of protein. This is good news for the fitness conscious.

Tell My How it Tastes

Honestly, when I decided to order this product last week—thanks to this Nutrisystem promotion code I had—I thought that its taste will be far inferior to that of a burger bought from a fast food joint or a restaurant. But, I was totally wrong. In spite of the absence of cheese, vegetables, and sauce, the hamburger tasted surprisingly good. And yes, I strongly recommend you try it. With that being said, I’d have liked the burger more if the chefs at Nutrisystem put some condiments inside the buns. Coming to the rolls, the whole wheat buns felt soft and delicious. I actually ordered this hamburger three times till now, and every time, I improvised it with some mayonnaise, bell peppers, and a thin slice of cheese. I once wrapped it in a foil and carried to my workplace. Surprisingly, it stayed fresh for five hours. Looking forward to order five more hamburgers as part of my monthly meal plan.

Tell Me About the Ingredients

The fully cooked beef patty contains water, meat, onion powder, corn syrup, soy protein powder, spices, yeast, in addition to a tinge of caramel color. The bun contains whole wheat flour, bleached flour, sugar, yeast, enzymes, citric acid, modified food starch, calcium sulfate, and ascorbic acid.

What’s the Cooking Method?

Prior to eating, the frozen hamburger must be heated to 140 F. Remove the product from its wrapper and wrap it again in a paper towel. Microwave on “HIGH” for about 90 minutes. The heating time varies for different microwave ovens. Once it is done, let the burger sit inside the microwave for a minute, and then, remove it for consumption. Be sure to handle with care as the product will be very hot.

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