Nutrisystem Chicken Pot Pie: An Honest Review

Who doesn’t love a chicken pie on a cold evening? However, the preparation of this recipe takes nearly two hours and the result can be messy if your cooking skills aren’t that great. Worse yet, every 100 grams of chicken pie contains more than 195 calories, so this cannot be a great dish if you are on a weight-loss diet plan. But, there is a perfect alternative for the calorie conscious – the Nutrisystem’s Chicken Pot Pie. It is so light that the whole pie has only 270 cals, which you can burn easily with a little exercise.

Tell Me About the Taste

The Chicken Pot Pie’s crust is super flaky and very crispy, but the filling is just above average. Overall, the dish is delicious enough to enjoy during a winter evening when you’re alone at home. At 9 grams, the total fat in the pie is slightly high. This could be due to the filling and gravy inside the crust. The pie contains 12 grams of protein and 3 grams of dietary fiber, and this is good news for the fitness buffs and diabetics.

Tell Me About the Ingredients

The chicken pie’s primary ingredient (the filling) is cooked chicken while its crust is made from wheat flour (bleached and enriched), butter, carrots, bell peppers, peas, onions, garlic powder, potatoes, corn starch and heavy cream. In addition, the pie also contains, spices, salt, canola oil, soy powder, and chicken broth.

Preparing the dish

Peel back a corner of the tray’s lid to create an opening for the steam. Heat the tray in a microwave oven on maximum power for 30 to 60 mins. Now that the ingredients have become hot, remove the cover carefully. Extract the crust from its pouch and put it on the tray. Microwave again for 15 seconds. It’s that simple to make.

What’s my take on the Chicken Pot Pie

I loved the juicy chicken breast that tastes great alongside onions, peas, potatoes and carrots, with all of them soaked in a mouthwatering gravy. I wouldn’t mind suggesting this dish to anyone who loves chicken pies, but cannot eat them due to the high energy they bring in or the relatively pricey tag they have–with a Nutrisystem discount code it’s not that expensive after all. This dish is 100% safe for diabetics.
Surprisingly, this pie has many average and poor reviews on Nutrisystem’s website. I feel the dish tastes good despite being a low-calorie product which in turn means that it is stripped of many delicious ingredients. Yes, I would recommend it to anyone, but will suggest them to buy just one meal to see if they like it.

Want to Make Your Own Chicken Pot Pie?

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