Have You Tried Nutrisystem’s Tuna Casserole? You Should

The Nutrisystem Tuna Casserole is the most poorly rated dish.


Do you enjoy a home-made meal of tuna casserole? Then this Nutrisystem dish might be worth a try. To be honest, tuna casserole is not my favorite dish, but I enjoy this meal as much as the next guy. And after giving this healthy alternative from Nutrisystem a try, here are some things I found out.

Details about Tuna Casserole from Nutrisystem: What Is It?

Basically, this is just like regular casserole, but healthier and a lot easier to prepare. The dish is a mix of egg noodles, tuna, peas, carrots and mushrooms. The meal falls under the high protein category; and that got me curious. I’m a huge fan of this class of health meals.

What It Looks Like

I’ll admit, this meal certainly looks delicious; and healthy. With the carrots, the peas, and the thick stew, you will certainly long for a bite of this meal like I did.

Main Ingredients

The main ingredient in this meal is tuna, a healthy source of animal-based proteins. The meal also contains enriched egg noodles; again, much healthier than regular egg noodles because they have more nutritional compounds. The dish also has peas, carrots, and mushrooms, which are healthy organic foods with a long list of health benefits.

Nutritional Facts

A serving of this meal contains just 180 calories, which is quite low; and great for anyone seeking to lose weight through a low calorie diet. There are 14 grams of protein in this meal, which is great if you want this dish to boost your fitness efforts. With 3 grams of dietary fiber, your gut should also love this meal. Nutrisystem also made sure to keep the amount of fats in the meal low at just 5 grams; another healthy decision on their part.


  • It is healthy, too bad it also has a “diet meal” taste.
  • Might hit the spot among tuna casserole lovers.


  • The taste could use some work. It does not taste too bad, but it is not that great either.
  • The food texture and consistency is not that good.

What People are Saying about It

There is an overwhelming number of people who claim that Nutrisystem’s tuna casserole does not taste good at all. However, while many may have had their first and final contact with Nutrisystem’s tuna casserole, a number of people would not mind giving it a shot in future. A few others don’t get what the fuss is all about, and they would gladly order more. So, it seems that you will have to decide for yourself if this Nutrisystem meal is for you or not. Use a Nutrisystem discount coupon to buy the meals you enjoy from Nutrisystem.com

What I Think about Nutrisystem’s Tuna Casserole

Personally, I did not like the tuna casserole that much, but I did not hate it either. Nevertheless, I would be willing to consider alternatives with a similar nutritional profile; mostly among my favorite classic meals because tuna casserole is just not a favorite of mine.

On Using it To Lose Weight and Get Healthier

I would use this meal to eat healthier and lose weight, given the nutritional benefits it has to offer. The high protein content is a plus as it should help me feel full and get better results from my strength and muscle building workouts.

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