Hi, I am Terry, a fitness buff who loves to blog about weight loss, low-carb foods, and various exercise options available for shedding extra weight. Writing is my passion, but telling others about how I lost more than 60 pounds in the span of two years drives me forward. By profession, I’m a businessman, and reviewing various weight-loss diet plans has become my hobby over the past few years. I firmly believe that no matter how fat you are, with firm determination, right diet plan, and some exercise, you will surely be able to shed the extra kilos.

While regular exercise is indispensable for weight loss, it won’t help much if you consume too many high-carb and fatty foods. Worse yet, the trans fat directly adds up to your body’s cholesterol thereby increasing the risk of diabetes, heart problems, and other ailments. Therefore, the sooner you change your diet plan the better. This doesn’t mean to stop eating what you love. There are many food brands that sell low-energy versions of many recipes that include pies, sandwiches, chocolates, meat dishes, subs, and even dishes from Italian, Mexican, and European cuisine. In this blog, I will review different foods by one such brand called Nutrisystem. If you have already tried some of the, you’re most welcome to share your opinion in the comments section.

A few years ago, I had an eating disorder. In fact, my favorite pass time was eating chocolates filled with caramel and nuts. In spite of knowing that they add up to my waist line, I couldn’t stop eating 3-4 bars per day. Due to uncontrolled eating and an unhealthy lifestyle, my body weight soared to 220 pounds over the course of four years. It took me an enormous amount of will-power and discipline to shed 60 pounds and regain my former shape.