501 11th street brooklyn, ny 11215
ph: 718.788.1810 / 718.788.1014

tuesday-saturday 5-11pm

saturday 10-2pm, sunday 10-3pm


After seven years of running applewood and getting to know a multitude of amazing farmers personally, owners Laura and David Shea have decided to move out of the city and try their city hands at country living. They have, quite literally, bought the farm, and are transitioning from restaurateurs to farmers. The Sheas will be living in East Chatham, New York, beginning July 1st of 2012. They will travel back and forth to applewood, delivering produce and animals and hauling applewood's compostable materials back up to the farm.

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For more information, feel free to e-mail applewood. Reservations, however, cannot be accepted via e-mail. To make your reservation, call applewood at 718-788-1810.