Nutrisystem Food is Good – Remember to Use a Coupon Code

Hi, I am Terry, a 31-year old ex-restaurant owner hailing from Arizona. My profession requires me to sit a lot, for up to eight hours a day, and this has caused a phenomenal weight gain of nearly 37 pounds over the last six years. My food addiction and lack of exercise only made things worse for me. Eventually, I began to worry about the risk of diabetes and other health issues. Also, being a single man, I was seriously worried about my looks. Life became hard both at work and at home, so I began to search desperately for the available options to burn off the excess fat.

Initially, I hit the local gym, but after toiling for a couple of weeks, I realized that exercising may not be of much help unless I make changes to my diet. It’s pretty simple: if you cut off the fatty foods from your diet, the extra fat inside your body can be burnt very fast. After consulting a nutritionist and reading hundreds of user testimonials, I zeroed on Nutrisystem, a Pennsylvania-based provider of weight loss foods and services. I called their toll free number (1-800-435-4074) and spoke to their nutritionist who shed some light on how their company can help me. What impressed me right of the bat was that not only were they polite they also offered me a Nutrisystem promo code to save $30. But, let’s take it from the beginning…

The first time I visited their website, I was asked to fill up a form with the details of height and weight. Based on this information, I received an email suggesting the foods I should consume. I really liked this personalized approach. All this was in mid-2014, and I placed my first order that year somewhere in the month of July.


I still remember that the first time I opened the “Menu” section of their website, I was simply blown away by the sheer variety of the available items. The meal plans included chocolate bars, pizzas, meat dishes, pies, rice dishes, ice creams, and what not. I’ve been using Nutrisystem foods for the past two years, and never once did I feel that I am on a diet. In spite of being free from harmful fat, every recipe tastes as good as something you make at home or buy at a restaurant. As an added bonus, there is no cholesterol, trans fat, MSG or food preservatives.


Nutrisystem provides two easy-to-follow weight loss plans. The Basic Plan consists of pre-selected ready-to-eat foods while the Core Plan lets you choose from a wide variety of dishes. I followed the former for the first two months, at a cost of $11.25 a day. Eventually, I switched over to the core plan that costs roughly $11.96 per day. Nutrisystem offers over 120 foods, so I never felt bored of eating the same dishes again and again. I order my meals roughly once every month, and my bill amount would be around 300 USD. Also, I felt safe knowing that Nutrisystem has been found by John Hopkins researchers to be reliable. I also get good discounts on my orders using Nutrisystem’s coupons which you can find here. In fact, a few days go, I got a full 40 percent off on my purchases using a coupon code from ( But the best source is Lodlois – Nutrisystem promo code.

Nutrisystem Before After Front


When I first saw Nutrisystem’s claim that their diet plan can help anyone lose 13 lbs or 7 inches in the first month itself, I felt that it was an overstatement. The folks at CDC state that the healthy weight loss rate is 1-2lb/week. It was only after I shed 10 lbs in my first month that I began to believe that their meals were indeed effective. Most of the brand’s success can be attributed to their 6-meals-a-day diet plan as opposed to the conventional 3 meals per day. I normally begin my breakfast at 7 AM, followed by a mid-morning snack, which is normally a shake, at 10 AM. My lunch would be at 12 in the afternoon, which is then followed by an afternoon snack at 3:30 PM. With dinner at 6:30 PM and an evening snack at 9 PM, I conclude my day.

Back in 2014, my weight was 217 lbs, but thanks to Nutrisystem’s diet, I now weigh around 180 lbs. I have even recommended their food products to my friends who’d weight problems, and they too have made excellent progress. Overall, I thank Nutrisystem’s team for helping me shed 37 lbs, which made me fit and more confident than I was a couple of years ago. To all people looking for a complete weight-loss solution, this is my suggestion: follow Nutrisystem’s diet plan and exercise for about 30 minutes a day. There’s no reason why you cannot lose weight. If the cost looks a little too high, try a Nutrisystem discount code.